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Customer Testimonials
Josephina T.
This process was so smooth and easy, I wish I would have done it sooner. I am very grateful that a service like this exists.
Review stars
Jay K.
The web site was very easy to use. Very helpful to have the help I needed in going through this process. Thank you so much.
Review stars
Chris S.
Can't overlook just how easy they make this process... there is an explanation with every question so if you feel like maybe you are unsure at fist after reading the explanation you are able to be confident with your answers.
Review stars
Lori D.
Paid for the expedited forms and they were received within 24 hours. Fast and efficient. Highly recommend!
Review stars
Daniel C.
Getting divorced is obviously stressful, but these guys made it quite easy to walk through. I definitely would recommend!
Review stars
Autumn H.
I've many times over the past few years to get my divorce I finally decided to give up and stop going to get papers when I needed then so I decided to try doing them online it was alot faster n easier.
Review stars
Very simple to use and understand. It guides you as outlined in each section.
Review stars
Anna S.
My spouse and separated 5 years ago, but due to some life-changing traumas we were both experiencing separate from the end of our relationship as a couple, we never got around to filing divorce papers. In filing now, I wasn't sure how to go about it so I did a Google search and discovered maineonlinedivorce.com as the easiest (and cheapest) way to file for an uncontested divorce in Maine, since we do not share any major assets, debt, or have any children together. I basically completed the interview process and the forms were sent to me for review that I could download to my computer, and because my printer is broken at the moment, I had the option to have a hardcopy of the forms for filing mailed to me, which I then take to the courthouse in Bangor to file. Easy peasy.
Review stars
Amanda R.
This service was very helpful in many ways. It broke everything down for you to understand xompl
Review stars